As autistic adults, we face many small challenges in our everyday lives. When these challenges combine, the impact on our daily functioning may be greater than it would be for others who are not autistic. These challenges can be related to social interactions, medical conditions or even sensory needs. We may not always be aware of the challenges we are facing. Sometimes, small things build up until they become overwhelming, making it hard to manage other parts of our lives.

Think of the energy you need to get through your day as coming from one big battery. Each time you struggle through a task without the right supports in place, it drains your battery—sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot. These challenges can add up and leave you drained of the energy you need to function. If they aren’t addressed, they can even pose a risk to your safety.

The good news is that your battery can be recharged by finding ways to make tasks a little bit easier. It can take time to figure out which parts of your day are draining your battery and to find the strategies that work for you. Over time, this process can help you spot problems early and take action before you become overwhelmed. You may find that when you face more challenges in one area, increasing supports in another area can help you recharge. For example, after a draining social experience like a group meeting, you may recharge by increasing sensory supports or spending time on a hobby or special interest.

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“If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.”