Intensive Support • Ages 10-14 • Goal:

Develop Life Skills

Action step 1.

Practice life skills at home and in the community.

Doing chores and being active in the community can help you be independent. Practice steps needed for these skills with your:

  • Family
  • Therapists
  • Teachers

You can ask for a community skills assessment as part of your IEP transition plan.


Words to know

Action step 2.

Develop routines for independent living.

Following a routine gives you more independence at home. Your IEP team can include goals in your IEP transition plan that help you learn the steps of daily living tasks. Try different supports, like visual prompts and color coding, to find what works for you. You may consider an adult transition support program, sometimes called a “transition academy,” as one of your options after graduating from high school.


Words to know

You’ve reached the end of the action steps for this support level and age group.

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