Some Support • Ages 18-22 • Goal:

Plan for Work

Action step 1.

Plan for transportation.

Practice taking your usual run to work. This can help you figure out things like timing, traffic and safety. For example:

  • If you drive, you may need help figuring out the best route.
  • If you walk, you need to be safe on dangerous roads.
  • If you ride a in a bus, van or train, you may want someone to go with you until you feel OK to go on your own.


Action step 2.

Think about disclosure and accommodations.

For people with disabilities, getting ready to work means deciding about disclosure. This means telling your employer and coworkers about your disability. Disclosure is your choice:

  • You don’t have to disclose your disability when you’re interviewing.
  • After you’re hired, you decide if you want to disclose, how much to disclose and who you disclose to.

If you decide to disclose, you can ask for accommodations to meet your needs. The law says that employers have to meet reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.


Words to know

Action step 3.

Get support to help you manage your money.

You may need support to help you learn to manage money on your own. Many people need help with things like banking, budgeting and paying taxes. Learn about ABLE accounts, special needs trusts and other financial resources to help you manage your money now and in the future.


Words to know

You’ve reached the end of the action steps for this support level and age group.

  • To find services and providers in your area, visit our Resource Guide.
  • For direct contact with a member of our Autism Response Team, call 1-888-AUTISM2 (1-888-288-4762) or en Español 1-888-772-9050.
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