Intensive Support • Ages 18-22 • Goal:

Plan for Work

Action step 1.

Use transportation with direct support.

Many young adults use public transportation or rideshare services to get to work. Some states may pay for a support person to ride with you. Ask about what's available in your state. Some areas have paratransit services to help people with disabilities. These drivers watch out for riders and even drop you off at your door!


Words to know

Action step 2.

Increase self-advocacy through communication.

If you’re an emerging communicator, asking for help is a key step for self-advocacy. If you’re an experienced communicator, ask for supports you need. More and more employers are training staff to use alternative methods of communication and supports, like:

  • Visual prompts
  • Sensory breaks


Words to know

Action step 3.

Choose a financial representative.

A professional financial representative or legal guardian can take care of finances and government benefits for you. Learn about ABLE accounts, special needs trusts and other financial resources to help you manage your money now and in the future.


Words to know

You’ve reached the end of the action steps for this support level and age group.

  • To find services and providers in your area, visit our Resource Guide.
  • For direct contact with a member of our Autism Response Team, call 1-888-AUTISM2 (1-888-288-4762) or en Español 1-888-772-9050.
  • Send an email to: