Employment Pathway with


You’ve chosen the pathway with intensive support. Now it’s time to think about the age group you’d like to see.

Please note:

For ages 0-10: This information is for caregivers as you make decisions about school for your child. Early intervention can significantly improve development of skills that children will build on and use throughout the lifespan. This information will help prepare you to think about transition to adulthood when your child is young, and as you approach transition planning by the recommended ages of 12-14.

For ages 11-22: This information is for a person with autism to help you on your way to getting a job. It’s also useful for caregivers supporting an autistic person through transition.

Ages 0-3

Ages 3-6

Ages 6-10

Ages 10-14

Ages 14-16

Ages 16-18

Ages 18-22


“If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.”